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The Hold All Mail (HAM) Service caters to clients seeking secure management of their correspondence, financial statements, and mail from a trusted US location.

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When you opt for Hold All Mail, we will provide you with a unique suite number and address for the receipt of all your mail. Any incoming mail to this address will be stored securely and kept confidential until we receive your instructions for collection, delivery, or disposal.

Hold All Mail has earned a stellar reputation among some of the most prominent financial institutions in the US for its safe, dependable, and discreet handling and storage of clients’ mail and financial statements. Furthermore, we are committed to continually enhancing our services to meet the diverse needs of our international, sophisticated, and high-end clientele.

To uphold our exacting service standards, we maintain ongoing communication with renowned financial institutions to ensure our procedures are not only efficient and dependable but also aligned with their mail-handling policies and guidelines.

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