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Clinical Trial Supply Chain Services Efficient and Tailored solutions in logistics and regulatory affairs for healthcare organizations.

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Clinical Trial Logistics

World Logistics Cargo is a Global Life Science Logistics firm, specifically catering to the Biological and Pharmaceutical Industries, directly involved in custom-tailoring logistics solutions to the cold-chain-transportation cycle of Controlled Substances, Category A Infectious Substances and Category B Biological Substances. WLC focuses on transporting time-critical packages of urgent and express need, specifically to the Biological, Medical and Pharmaceutical fields where controlled substances, clinical trial material or biological specimens must be transported for urgent delivery. Managing your cold supply chain between hospitals, central laboratories, clinical research sites, blood banks & airports – we provide a niche service on a 24/7-time schedule critical express dispatch where strict handling requirements and delivery time frames must be met, regardless of the frequency of shipments or size of packages. Our success is rooted in the quality of our staff and the opportunities for our clients to thrive as they utilize WLC as an extension of their own operation.


Understanding that we all have specific needs for our cargo,  we offer customized services that are tailored to your product and service needs.

Drug Product Shipment

We provide customized and integrated solutions in logistics and regulatory affairs, to boost our client success during the research & development phases up to bringing products to market to cure or manage diseases.
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Biological Sample Courier

We can transport patient samples from global clinical sites to central labs has challenges. Often classified as UN3373 Category B, biological samples require the appropriate labels and packaging as well as customs regulations expertise.
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Sample Kit Distribution

We offer 24/7 expedited shipping to Latin America including hard-to-reach and remote locations and Kit assembly according to the client’s specifications. Comprehensive regulatory support, including brokerage services, and consultation on country-specific customs and airline restrictions.
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Regulatory Expertise

We can offer Regulatory affairs consulting, Customs clearance support Dangerous goods classification, preparation, and documentation support, Packaging and labeling compliant with regional regulations 
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Import of Records (IOR)

WLC is the trusted IOR to many pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies worldwide. We are exceptionally well-positioned to handle all customs-related documentation and valuation on your behalf.
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Medical Devices shipments for Clinical Trials

From medical technology to service parts and pharmaceutical products, MedTech shipments require careful handling and steadfast action. Our services include Packaging, Last Mile Transportation, Documentation for Exportation, and more...
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Customs Brokerage

We offer Customs Clearance for Ocean, Air, Ground, and Rail Freight through all US Ports, Importer Security Filing, FDA Clearance, Prior Notices, Temporary Imports, Entries (Consumption, Informal, Bonded Warehouse, Anti-dumping, and Countervailing) and more.
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Our warehouse is Bonded (Dry & Temperature Controlled). We have 19,000 sq. ft. of Frozen - Chill, and Ambient - Temperature Controlled Warehousing and 40,000 sq. ft. Dry We have 4 warehouses located in strategic areas in South Florida, providing distribution cross-country
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Global Air Charter

We help you get your critical or life-saving shipments where they need to be quickly and securely, any time of the day or night. Our air charter specialists can make arrangements to fly into and out of airports not serviced by commercial airlines, or where direct flights are not normally available.
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We combine know-how, technology, and certifications to deliver in a smart way

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