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Our goal is to be always on the search for intelligent logistics solutions for our customers. That’s why we offer any combination of transportation by air, Ocean, truck, or rail and can do so without the need to leave our facilities. Our main pillars are training, motivation, and commitment, always respecting teamwork and the human quality of our personnel.

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We have established unique customer service, promoting a continuous update on logistics processes. WLC implements cutting-edge technology and service diversification, including complete coverage through all the multimodal transport services provided. With over 30 years of experience, the most competitive rates in the market, and professional tailor-made service.

Sergio Codino

CEO World Logistics Cargo.

Intelligent Logistics

We are the most complete multimodal transport services company. We are strategically located in Flagler Station, around Miami Airport, Florida, transporting cargo from point-to-point to Latin America and the rest of the world. These services enable our customers to use our transportation services without leaving our premises, which are located within the Miami free zone.

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Leading provider of modern logistics facilities in the U.S.A & Europe


Six-time winner of the Logistics Awards from 2002 to 2008​

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Leader in Logistic with over 2,000 Customers

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Domestic demand is a key driver of demand for Logistic

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484 completed WorldWide Shipping +500 cities


We provide local knowledge with global experience.

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